Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Smocked Easter Eggs!

Finally, something sewing related!

Here are the instructions and smocking plates.

Smocked Easter Egg directions

Pleat 11 full space rows adding a half space row between rows 1 and 2. Use a holding thread that matches your fabric for rows 1 1/2 and 10 as these threads will be permanent.

Leaving 1/2" seam allowance, smock beginning on row 6. Down cable, 1-step trellis up to row 5, up cable, 1-step trellis back down to row 6, 3-step trellis up to row 4, up cable, 3-step trellis back down to row 6, repeat 5 more times for a total of 6 repeats (covers 72 pleats). Do not take final stitch on each row. Removed needle and leave thread tail to join rows when smocking is completed.

Complete remainder of smocking. Remember not to take the final stitch and to leave the thread tail.

Trim fabric to 1/2" along each side of smocking. Prepare holding threads for removal (leave in until construction of the fabric tube is complete) and knot the ends of row 1 1/2 and row 10 so that you do not accidentally remove them. With the thread tails at the end of reach row, join into corresponding stitches at the beginning of the same row.*

This will make a tube of smocked fabric. Tie off stitches on the inside of the tube.

Remove pleating threads, except for row 1 1/2 and row 10. Slide egg into fabric tube.

Trim fabric close to remaining pleating threads.*

Pull threads tightly and tie securely.

Finish ends as desired.

*I found after making several of these, that it is easier is you trim the fabric close to rows 1 1/2 and 10 before constructing the fabric tube.

End finishing techniques

There are several ways to finish the ends. You may glue rosettes, ribbons, buttons, bows, or other decorations on the ends. The yellow egg is finished with fabric yo-yos on each end. The blue and pink eggs are finished with a stitched spider web. You may also attach a thread loop to the small end of the egg so that it can be hung.

Spiderweb finish

Using two strands of floss, make an eight spoked star over the raw edges at one end. Bring the needle back out at the center of the star.

Beginning with the spoke nearest the needle and working counter-clockwise, backstitch over spoke. Move to the next spoke and repeat until all the spokes and raw edges are covered.

Tie off and hide knot under stitches.

Other smocking plates

You can use just about any smocking plate. It should cover no more than 9 rows and be anywhere from 72 to 100 pleats wide. Smocking plate for the yellow egg coming soon.
Blue egg Smocking plate

Start at Row 5 (up cable, down cable, up cable, 2 step trellis down to 5 1/2, down cable, up cable, down cable, 2 step trellis back to 5). Repeat this pattern a total of 8 times. Construct as above.

Creating your own smocking graph using Excel


Janie said...

I have looked everywhere for how to smock easter eggs. I had a house fire few years ago and lost everything and live in a rual area and have search everywhere for how to smock easter egg, Thank you for sharing your pattern. Janie56

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the directions. Can you tell me what size egg you used and the measurements of the fabric before smocking?

Shannon @ Modern Tradition Quilts said...